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My Holiday Trip Back To Malaysia

During the school holidays, my father took me back to Malaysia, my home country, to let me feel what it is like to taste and experience the Malaysian culture again.

My father and I left the house at around 1.00 afternoon and reached my grandparents house at 8.00 at night. When we arrived, we were starving. But lucky for us, there were still restaurants open. So we went for our favourite ‘nasi lemak’. 

The next day, my cousins came. They were so happy to see me as I am happy to see them. I was surprised because my cousin brother’s height was around my waist but now his height is above my hips. After the talking we went out for our dinner.

The next day, my father sent me back to my grandparents house in my mother’s side. They were very excited to see me. They said that they were longing for this day and when they received news that I was coming back to Malaysia, they were eager to see me. Some time later I also saw my mother and I ran to her and hugged her so tight until she couldn’t breathe.

On the last day, I went to my old school to give my old friends a surprise. They were still having class at that time so I waited at the canteen. While I was waiting, I sort of accidentally surprised my old teachers and old friends from other years. They were chatting with me until they forgot that they have a class to go to. Once their classes have finished, they went out and was surprised until they started shouting ‘Nicholas, how can you skip school for 6 months!!’, but I think mostly they were very happy to see me 

On the day that I was planned to go home, I almost want to stay in my home country and my home town but I knew I have to go back to Singapore to study. This trip back was inevitable. So I look forward to go back to Malaysia in the next holiday.

Singapore Zoo

Yesterday,my school(Furen International School)organize a trip to the Singapore Zoo.My friends and I arrived at early at the zoo.i could tell that they were eager to go.

After the teachers took our attendance we got on they bus and headed for the zoo.

When we arrived there,the students quickly got into line and we marched to the entrance of the zoo.

Once we got into the zoo,we saw a lot of animals like monkeys,elephants,seals, many more.But sadly we didn’t see the polar bear because it had some health issues so they were unable to show it.

While we were at the zoo,we watched two shows.The first show was about a large seal doing some tricks.The next show was about two elephants showing us whatwe don’t know but they could do.We were suppose to watch a third show but was inturrpted by the rain.And we were unable to continue the journey.

Although we were inturrpted by the rain ,I still feel that we didn’t explore much and I wish to go to the zoo again.Abd I also hope that the school will organize more of this type of trips.